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Dialogical Painting/Liberation Art

The relationship of painter to canvas historically has been individualistic, as well as one of unilateral domination and control. In this question, I have engaged in collaborative paintings with other people to explore the relationship of control and freedom, in painting and in life.  Liberation is a process, liberation arts are, in part, a question of the methodology’s reflection of an epistemic of interdependence, historical subjectivity, and dialogical engagement as an escape route to other ways of being, emergent forms of consciousness. Liberation arts explore liminal knowledge and the experience of freedom. Conscientization as praxis, the interplay and engagement of thought, word, and action, comes into being through collaboration.  One person starts, another finishes, or comments, process and relationality are embedded in the work, and working transforms this world towards a world in which it will be easier to love.

These paintings were done collaboratively, where two people each start with a canvas then exchange their work with each other, to be completed by the other person. Theses works are collaborations between myself and Rianna Simone, Charieke Robinson, and Tara Rowland.  

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