Sarah Huxtable Mohr

Born in San Francisco Bay Area

Lives & works in San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Artist statement:


“Whatever comes to us comes in one of two forms, either evident or hidden: evident in the form of the precepts of the religion or hidden in the form of wisdom. Allah Most High orders us to render our exterior being harmonious by following precepts and to put our inner being in order through acquiring wisdom.” (al-Qadir, 1992, 8)


Geometry in Islamic art represents the unfolding of the soul within the structure of reality (Critchlow, 1976.) Just as a point extends to a line, then further reaches a limit and becomes an arc, then a boundary of a space to form a circle, then forms a periphery and a contained area which can in turn give rise to the multiple polygons within its bound, the soul likewise in the form of structures of religion, and life, develops and expands into an ordered and elaborate existence. 


The outer form is balanced by the organic inner form. Just as pattern is balanced by arabesque and floral form, so the structured elements of life are balanced by the free-flowing realization of wisdom and the secret Essence of all.  The secret heart of hearts is limitless, pattern-less, and yet bound and informed by pattern and form.

Currently I am exploring with the interplay of pattern under floral forms, an expression of free-flowing unbounded desire and life as it exists in tension with structure and external bounded mandates of life and religion.

al-Jilani, Hadrat Abd al-Qadir. (1992). The Secret of Secrets. Trans. Shayk Tosun Bayrak al-Jerrahi al Halveti. Cambridge, England: The Islamic Texts Society.

Critchlow, Keith. (1976). Islamic Patterns: An Analytic and Cosmological Approach. London, England: Thames & Hudson.

Artist Bio: I started painting seriously in high school and continued to study art through junior college and college, taking classes in theory, history, drawing, design and painting at Rhode Island School of Design, College of Marin, and Dominican University. My art focuses on the way art functions as a manifestation of sacred space, like those who once and still make sacred space -European Iconographers- any artist who sees the sacred as a malleable force, open to containment in ways that serve GOD’s expansion. I see art as effective for good in human affairs.


Solo Show.

Caffe 817. Jan - Feb 2019


Hub Talks: Amir Sulaiman, Live! with GAMA. 

HUB 925. Feb 9, 2019


SUFFA Interfaith Art Event.

Masjida Al-Mustafa. March 30, 2019

Islamic Art Exhibit: Group Show. 

Corte Madera Library. April 5 - May 17, 2019

IMAN Central Artist Roster. On Our Radar. 


Drawing the Soul Towards Truth: Muslim and Hindu Sacred Geometry.

Doug Adams Gallery. September 10, 2020 - December 10 2020

What is Liberation?

Online Artist Event. GAMA-NY. September 17, 2020.

Interfaith Roundtable.  

Center for Arts and Religion. October 29, 2020.

University Union Virtual Arts Gallery.


CSU East Bay. November 2020.

AMS PTA Crafts Fair.

November 27, 2020 - December 6, 2020.

Islamic Arts Festival.

Islamic Arts Society. December 5 - 6, 2020.

Turning the Page: CARe Artists Look Toward the Future.

Doug Adams Gallery. Spring 2021.


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